The Success Triathlonô       (Gifts, Callings, Chaos)   


 Your Personal Path to Success




The path to success is not difficult to find thanks to the progress in the field of Transitional Psychology. While science has struggled for a cure to cancer and NASA has sent probes to Mars, psychology has quietly developed the ability to discover the path to success for anyone who sincerely wants to look.


Success is defined as the joy of doing something well and receiving compensation.  Doing something well is the result of practice.  Unfortunately, you can develop aptitude for something you donít enjoy doing. Therefore, the path to success must start with doing something fun, something that brings you joy! 


Gifts are the areas where we are unique. We are all different and have different gifts. To discover where you are special we use the best Personality Inventory available. Done appropriately, a Personality Inventory will report the various aspects of personality that are unique to you and uniquely define the specific spot in the universe where you will be most successful. Your ideal environment!


Callings are what you should be doing in all aspects of your life and what you should not be doing, your Attraction/Aversion List. Finding what you should not be doing is as important (maybe even more important) than finding what you should be doing. To discover this vital Attraction/Aversion List we use the best Interest Inventory available. Your ideal activities!


Chaos is essential to harmony in life; to be emotionally balanced. Each of us has an internal metronome that measures the perfect rhythm of life for us, our Chaos Factor. Too fast and we are hassled, too slow and we are bored.  How much Chaos brings harmony to your life? We can test and find your Chaos Factor. Harmony!

The Success Triathlon

It isnít enough to know what you should to be doing or not doing in your life, activities. It isnít even enough to add to this, the perfect environment where you are doing and not doing those activities. You also need to know your Chaos factor. When you discover your Gifts, Callings and Chaos and bring them into balance, you will have completed The Success Triathlon.

The path to success starts with doing something that brings you JOY!